Me blog? Well, yes!

March 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

Hello everybody!

On a regular basis I try to read other people's blogs. I read This whenever Elaine posts something and Pinterest whenever I feel like my house needs yet another DIY project in it. Really, you should read Elaine's posts when you have a chance - she's a beautiful writer and photographer. She will take you places that you have never even dreamed of (visually and emotionally). Normally, I end up in tears, hugging my kids a little tighter.

Yes, it is a little daunting to put my words and feelings and likes/dislikes out there...for a few reasons:

1. I am VERY opinionated. You will hear (or see) my strong opinion right away. Sorry, can't do much about that...

2. I was raised in Spain and came to the US when I was 18 running away from the wrong college major and looking for some independence. Fortunately I found my husband and married him by the time I was 20. Unfortunately for you guys, my English is my second language. You WILL notice a few mishaps here and there. Bear with me...

3. How can I compare my words to those of others!! Yikes. I hate hearing my voice in videos and my words on paper (or screen). Don't you?? Who doesn't??

Anyways, I really want to share my photography with you all. What's the point in keeping to yourself when you can grow with others, share and learn in an amazing global community?


  • Right now I'm into This SONY camera. So slick and back would love me if I switched systems, that's for sure!
  • Newborns...Normally, I am a family photographer, trying to be a lifestyle photographer (as soon as my client's realize that's what they really want). Lately, I've had the opportunity of shooting a lot of my friend's babies. Yes, I am itching for another one BUT that will not happen so...I am focusing that (very powerful) energy into learning poses and props for my lovely friend's babies.


Having to share MY computer with the ENTIRE family....I can't wait to be independent...yes, I said's an illusion. It will never happen.

We did this today (out of my beloved Canon 6D camera, not the SONY)

We finally had our's just a few months late! Ha!

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Your photos and style are incredible! I love this!!
Don't be embarrassed to read your written words, you rock.
Can't wait to see more photos!
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